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San Berdoo Sundburn

Tapping time with one good finger

I got this girlfriend and she's a swinger

We make plans and then we head out to

San Bernardino

We get gas at the local P & M

Buy a coke in a can made of tin

We drink fast because

We're headed out west to San Bernardino

And we shall miss Carolina

And the east coast as opposed to the west

We won't shed any tears though

Nor even be sad because we know

The western desert is the best!

I filled a bag with cigarettes and apple wine

We'll hit the road again at 10 mintues to 9

Me and this girl I think she's pregnant

And we're headed to San Bernardino

And then when we hit Texas

We'll stop in Amarillo for a bite to eat

We'll stop on over in Dallas

And visit my friend but we can't stay

For more than a week

I've got the south in my veins

But California in my mouth

And that's the simple reason

Why i'm leaving the south

Me and this girl and she's so foxy

And we're heading to San Bernardino


That was close we crossed the Tennesse state border

They would've locked us up by the sheriffs order

Yes we're freaks

But they can't touch us out west

In San Bernardino

Thanks to thudord@yahoo.com

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