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The Bio


Now how should I start this first let me explain

Straight up drama since I bumrushed this game

Now I been doing this since a little rugrat

Representin QB, where my fuckin duns at?

Thats where I bug at, thats where I love at

Used to be small time then I got mad stacks

But lets rewind the hands of time

Back when I first laced the wax with rhymes

It was eighty sa'en, I was a crazy sa'en

Niggas tried to diss the Bridge I came bustin'

Even quoted Doug E Fresh sayin we was nothin'

You don't believe that, you know I called his bluffin'

Made 'em go buy a click and put 'em on patrol

You know P-O-E-T stayed in war mode

My gats stayed unlocked ready to unload

Loungin' waitin for the drama to unfold

But luckily we never had to go there

Lucky for them cuz I'm a nigga that don't care

But what did I get out of it? jack shit

Cuz I ain't the one to be on niggas dicks

Runnin around sweatin, put me on

Fuck that, I hit the block and popped til dawn

I was sick of the fake niggas selling they fake dreams

No time for that my niggas gotta make cream

Extorsion crew hits the block thoroughly

Merrily, merrily gettin bent up everyday

Makin money, takin losses

Beef with the nieghborhood wannabe bosses

Everybody gotta eat, heads bounce to the beat

Niggas is politicin on the hill twenty deep

Next thing you know I'm back in the studio

I could'nt help it, I had to let my guns blow

PHD hits the scenery real heads in the industry remember me

I was flippin (flippin flippin) over them ???

Stuck in quicksand on bullshit in tough city

It didn't work out, niggas had to brake out

Take they own route fuck it no doubt

The streets was callin me I wasn't far away

Lets Get It On like motherfuckin Marvin Gaye

Been there done that still ain't finish spittin yet

Back on the set cuz there was money to get

My team, army green, on the scene doing my thing

Thats where I first queen yo I gotta blow up

At that moment I noticed mad niggas askin me

"Yo what happened Poet?"

I'll be back like Swarzeneggar, Terminator

But now, all I wanna do is get my wieght up

My man blessed me while I was already bubblin

He didn't dress me I had his money on the double dun

I did my thing for a long while

I sold shit like it was going outta style while I was on trial

Anyhow, shit got foul

It all flipped I owe dough by the thou

But I can get it back and make it all good

I do my thing blessin niggas bricks in the hood

I had it going, fuckin blowin I didn't know then

Somebody close would snitch if they had to go in

But thats how it goes you win some you lose some

All I gotta do is tighten up my screw son

And crack that henny open and bust that bottle

You niggas stay tuned more shit comes tomorrow

Thats my bio, for those that give a fuck

And those who wanna know about P-O check my flow

Thats my bio, for those that give a fuck

And those who wanna know about P-O (check my flow)

Yeah, QB's Finest

Yeah, with the beat

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