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(feat. M.O.P.)

Yeah, mic check, turn my fucking mic up

Yo this hip hop to the fullest M.O.P (Yeah)

Screwball NONSTOP

[Billy Danze]

I'm not very conversational

So whenever I'm facing you

With my intensions is erasing you

I'm lacing you splatter your whole shit

We interview the whole clique

Bitch Brooklyn is out control with "Torture"

Live nigga rap get clap

Martial Art me spray paint your body with hot words

From M-1's, AK's, Macks, Techs and Uzzies

M.O.P to Screw B Brooknam to QB


Bringing the gats

Kill'em with clap

Slugs fill'em with that

Drugs dealing with cats "Torture"

Cross your hands is more rilla than that

Fuck around it will cost you

Boss Man is Torture

[Lil Fame]

This is this is torture

Knock your head right the fuck off ya

Guns N Roses huh

Whole spit huh

Don't spit huh

Fourth fifth is "Torture"

Nigggas getting shot up

Niggaz getting sliced up

Aint nothing nice what what

From the QB borough to the borough of Brooklyn

Uptown Manhattan Dirty Bronx and Staten

Niggaz stay gun packing and stupid acting

9's and Mack 10's loaded up for action "Torture"

I don't give a fuck getting Henny up

Kicking that thug shit yall niggaz can't fuck with


[Billy Danze]

My shit is ghetto average

Fuck living laborious

Fuck me around put it down on some savage shit

I ain't having it when ever my automatic spit

Tragic hit those shall have the cabbage split "Torture"

Man I'll smack the glock off yah choke you white out

My bombs holding the arms now is night out

My life is clef note cleverly written by skilled hand

The way I rhyme slay my rhymes a kill a man is "Torture"

... Slugs, by the hand full put you in a land field

Amityville show you how the heads get stealed

Camel fields I battle lay him on his face

In the gravel stomping the place in the shadow "Torture"

[Lil Fame]

Check what the gun do

Put a whole pack in you one two

Pop slugs and hot thugs will rock mugs

Gun smokes steam from his clothes ehwn he got mugged yo

[Chorus x2]

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