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Hang Down Your Head

Date: Sun, 04 Jan 1998 18:49:22 -0800
From: Gene McKenna
Subject: CRD: Tom Waits, Hang Down Your Head

Hang Down Your Head
Tom Waits
From the Rain Dogs Album

(it's possible that the whole thing is a half-step
too high. I did this on the piano which I haven't tuned
in quite a while. If it is too high, just take off all
the sharps and F7 becomes E7)


C# D#m
Hush a wild violet,

G# C#sus4 C#
Hush a band of go ld

C# D#m
Hush you're in a story,

G# C#
I heard somebody told

Same as above

Tear the promise from my heart
Tear my heart today
You have found a nother
Baby I must go a way


A#m F7
Hang down your head for sorrow

F# G# C#
Hang down your head for me

D# G#
Hang down your head,

C# A#
Hang down your head,

D# G# C#
Hang down your head, Marie

Hush my love the rain now
Hush my love was so true
Hush my love the train now
But it takes me away from you

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